Rest In Power

Boyce “Scoop” Coleman

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Anonymous said: Are you gon make it to the childish badu show at the Greek? That shit gonna be for real!!! Hope to see you

likely not.  maybe if he does something in los angeles while i’m there.  otherwise not until he has something going on over here in new york.

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chantalrusso said: so i saw you the other day, and was wondering if you ever get people coming up to you saying they follow you on tumblr/how you'd react

yeah, since the blogspot dayzzzz.  it’s no biggie.  same type of reaction as with a friend you haven’t seen in a while except i don’t know you.  the lady and i were at the skingraft after party the other night and the bartender hooked us up with free drinks because he recognized us from the blog.  that was chill.

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