this is how I would doctor

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I’m a little more shocked by the 15,000 idiots who are gonna spread HIV than the one.

Jaden Smith, where is your father? Or mother? Or publicist? Or actual friends?

You were in one film about the hazards of shirking our responsibility as citizens of the universe to be complimentary stewards of this planet, and all of a sudden you think you have credibility to be educating your fans - let alone anyone - about science?

Son, you’ve become an activist about the absolute banana-sandwich-backwards things.

Someone revoke this youth’s ability to speak until he and his entire family are force-fed the entire Fresh Prince of Bel-Air series. The Smith’s are neglecting all of James Avery’s life lessons, not to mention the fact that this kid’s privilege is showing. Ignorance is bliss, young buck. And it’s certainly not attractive.

Sit. Down. And give me that damn smart phone. You’ll get this back when you’ve done your homework.

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