i still have an issue with not spending the majority of my paycheck on stuffs i don’t need.  i know, i’m “way too old” to be doing this, but like, i’m coming to the point in my life where i’m realizing that this is it.  this is as far as my shit getting together is going to get and while that makes me somewhat sad i’ve enjoyed my life for the most part and don’t really care.  i’ll probably never buy a house or have kids, so i keep just enough to pay bills while the rest  (according to my MINT) goes to concerts and other extracurricular activities.  i do have an account without an ATM card for super emergency purposes, so i guess i don’t necessarily spend all my monies on junk and i’m a little resposable?  idk whatever.  another rant.

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champoradical said: I'm not tryin to start anything and not like you give a shit really but I gotta unfollow. I don't need to be feeling guilty or inferior for all the bad things perpetrated by " white people ". That all encompassing term for every non person of color who, in less enlightened times, or even in today's fucked up racial climate, did another race's people wrong. Trust me I'm not the one to get on a soap box about anything. I've been a follower and enjoyed your blog but I don't like the rhetoric-lata

lol.  bye, felicia

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pause-it-and-turn-it-up said: yo that gif of the naked chick (rosario dawson) is from trance

ah yeah.  my homegirl just told me.  thank you though!

"When we miss 4:20, we cannot blaze it."
Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Blunts

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Guess what? “Exposure” isn’t gonna pay for my shoe habit and love of travel. This has been a longtime coming so here it is. Fellow bloggers and creatives, I’m sure you’ll feel me on this.