anothershotonme asked: Judging by your Tumblr, I'd have to say you're authentic, upfront, chill, and confident. This is my third iteration on here, and I make it a point to follow your blog for those reasons. I like the shoots you post, as well as the style and music you decide to share. Keep calm and smoke on 👍

Thank you and cheers

Anonymous asked: Hmmm, since you choose a semi personal style of blog i think youre not afraid of the decisions you made in the past, youre happy with yourself and sharing your experiences with others weather it will help them, or anger them you state your opinion. I think youre a successful person through the fact that you know what you want and you strive to achieve it. youre probably my all time favourite blogger, loads of them seem so fake, you haven't changed through the years i followed you. Thank you


rsmsl asked: What was the cost of living in LA compared to NYC?

What I’m paying now for a loft I had a two bed two bathroom in Los Angeles.

samuraishy asked: Aside from having excellent taste in the things you post (fantastic blog btw), you seem like someone who has tons of life experience and acquired it maybe too early (same). And you stay hungry. And you love ladies and worship your lady. And huskies.


Anonymous asked: Ran out of room... It also seems u skate, or more likely used to... but likely still have a board. And of course u appreciate beautiful women and have a thing for freckles.

yeah.  i do skate.  not as much as i’d like, but i can still bust a nollie heel first try.  :)

Anonymous asked: Too faded meaning it seems (been following for years btw) u've used a lot of drugs and smoke dope every day and do that thing where ppl (usually young ppl) make weed/drugs part of their whole identity. By slightly unrealistic I mean it seems u aspire to live large in like a stylish Manhattan loft from being a photographer (which is awesome, dream big)... I don't know how much photographers earn, but I know how much Manhattan lofts costs and I don't know if even Terry Richardson can afford one.

I started smoking my junior year of college and I’ve used molly/e a hand full of times when I was younger, and within the last 2 or 3 years started experimenting with mushrooms.  I don’t hide that or am I ashamed of it because it was part of learning and growing up and has helped me figuring out what I like and don’t like.  I certainly don’t feel I make it apart of my whole identity simply because I speak on the subjects though.

As for aspiring to live large in like a stylish Manhattan loft from being a photographer It sounds like you have some sort of Seinfield like image of what Manhattan is (funny though because I actually live about 3 blocks down from the diner from the opening scene) but I do have that loft you speak of in Manhattan.  It’s not as big as my studio in Los Angeles was, but hey!  You’re right.  New York is expensive, but like the Jefferson’s, I’m movin’ on up and will be moving to a bigger spot once our time is up here.  Oh.  Terry can definitely afford to live here, but he chooses not to.

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dead-bats-motorcycle-club asked: I'd assume that you're very focused, driven, opinionated, also a bit smug and a bit of a know it all.. although the last two are probably justified. you seem like a pretty real motherfucker though, which is cool. respect

i don’t think i’m a know it all.  i think i get a lot of questions where the answer they’re looking for is either right in their face, and the way i point it out isn’t always sugar coated.  i can see why that could seem pompous though.