everythingall-ofthetime asked: could you delete my submission please?

Why did you submit it then ::::EYE ROLL::::

Anonymous asked: i moved away for school this past year. it hasnt been as easy as i thought it would be and the move is making me question whether or not i made the right decision everyday. the people here arent nearly as welcoming as i imagined. i miss home a lot but things arent going so well there either. i feel like my friends have all moved on without me and are growing into their futures while im just here stuck in the midst of things. why is this so difficult?

I think you just need to focus more on what you’re doing and less about whatever one else around you is doing because to be honest they really ain’t don’t shit at 18…19.  Just stay focused on you, and you’ll be fine.

uzowuru asked: LOL i was laughing when i saw it tagged music.

Tumblr hella stoops.  Nice job on that Mob Deep, mayne.  Bumped it quit a bit today.