Anonymous asked: I was thinking more about how much it'd cost to own a Manhattan loft as opposed to renting one. I think the last nice 3 bedroom I saw in NYT Real Estate was on Greenwich St. listed at $8,995,000 w a monthly condo fee of $1,637. How much would someone need to make a month to afford that? That's gotta be close to $5,000 just in housing and if housing should be about 30% of ur take home then ur after tax should be about $15,000/month. How many photogs in NYC net $180,000/yr?

ok.  i’m not looking to buy an apt in ny LOL, but i’m still not getting why you’re trying to nonchalantly, but still blatantly obviously belittle my situation.  i’m not pulling 180k, but i’m doing well enough to not stress like i did when i was fresh out of college.  this is just another stop on my bucket list of life.  first was to get out of the home town and off to college.  did that.  then i wanted to move to LA for 3 to 5 yrs.  did that.  next was NY, and i’m doing that now.  unfortunately the conclusion from your original post was/is off.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  anything else?

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