Anonymous said: this girl hurt me. she wanted us to keep as friends but im still not fully over it. i cant picture her as just a friend doing things "friends" do. but shes chill w/my group. she goes to our parties, shes friends w/everyone, shes around whether i want it or not. im going to have to see her as a "friend" sooner or later. its awkward now but i dnt want it to be. how do i keep it chill w/her around? i dont want to stop hanging w/the homies or stop attending parties just bc/we didnt work out ya know?

well, dude.  that’s up to you, it’s all mental.  it’s up to you to decide you’re not going to be sad anymore.  no one can do it for you.

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  1. coldstilllife said: Exact position I’m in. I wish it were that easy.
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