Philip Post is the CEO of derʇbag clothing company. He’s a senior in high school applying for colleges, studying for AP classes and anything else a senior @ that age would be doing. I was inspired to interview Philip because quite frankly when I was 17 I wasn’t thinking about/doing anything he’s doing @ that age and that’s incredible to me. His clothing company, derʇbag is very DIY(do it yourself) and as of late that’s something that has been very inspiring to me lately. He has many facial features that make him look very identical to Screech from the popular late 80’s-early 90’s sitcom ‘Saved By The Bell’; which is also very cool because he has embraced it! To learn more about the kid who runs everything @ derʇbag read below.

adeshola: Why is the “t” in dertbag upside down?

philip: The “t” in dertbag is upside down because I think it’s visually appealing since the “t” is the middle letter in the word. It looks good upside down, spices up the regular sans serif logo.  


adeshola: What’s your favorite Cam’Ron song to date?

philip: Wet Wipes, Hey Ma pt. 3, Spend the Night, Get ‘Em Girls… All of his songs/albums are classics even the mixtapes had some serious heat on them. Shout outs to Killa for saying that the Haha Who They Think They Carjackin’ tee was “tough”.


adeshola: You reference the beach a ton with your clothing line. What inspires you so much about that sandy destination?

philip: I’m about to sound very philosophical very spiritual right now. I like the beach because it’s just calm. For instance you got the ocean, something so large that we haven’t explored all of it and there’s a big mystery to it. I like to interpret that in everyday life and try and learn as much as possible and discover as much as I can. Plus southern CT beaches are wonderful.


adeshola: How big was the forum era to your success if it was at all?

philip: I grew up on forums. I first started posting on this skateboard photography/videography website when I started middle school. Started posting up terrible pixilated designs I did in photoshop and eventually started selling my clothes on the classified sections. From there I got a few orders in the U.S. Met Jordan from BURMAmfg on that specific forum in 2008 and we’re still friends today.


adeshola: What went through your mind when you were on Hypebeast for the first time?

philip: I was so happy. I’ve wanted to be on that website ever since I was in 5th grade. I was on twitter and posted up like a thank you to whomever supported me last night, but before I tweeted it my timeline auto refreshed and I saw Hypebeast tweet “dertbag fall/winter…” and I started freaking out. Kobi called me while he was in class and said he was proud of me, and then Tyler tweeted it. It was just a good overall day. A big goal was checked off for me.


adeshola: Do you see Tumblr going anywhere anytime soon?

philip: I’ve been on Tumblr since like 2008. I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.


adeshola: What do you love so much about the late great Aaliyah?

philip: She was just perfect. The way she carried her self, the music she created, what she wore. She was the essence of style. Plus she lowkey married R Kelly.


adeshola: When people ask you absurd questions via Tumblr, does that get old? How do you cope with the hatred?

philip: At the end of the day I’m happy with what I’m producing and grateful that people support me. No reason to dwell over someone’s hatred that doesn’t really deal with me. I mean it does deal with me, but most of the time the person is either jealous or they do not figuratively get it. Plus the people who I want to get it do get it. So to answer your question the absurd/common questions get a little old and I cope with the hatred by playing a lot of Lil B.


adeshola: What is a collaboration between brands supposed to embody in your mind?

philip: A collaboration between brands should be organic and not forced in anyway. The brands involved should both be fans of each other’s work and not work based off of popularity and money. All of the collaborations I have done have been with friends. I’m fortunate to be in the position that I am friends with people who are creative and have brands… D’emploi: I’ve known Kyle since 2010; DPI: Kobi is my bestfriend; INDCSN: I’ve been a fan of their stuff since I saw their beanies… I have some more collaborations on the way but it is on the DL for now though.


adeshola: What initially drew me towards Odd Futures music was how DIY it was and how rebellious and I don’t care about anything it was. What did it for you?

philip: I just related to a lot of the stuff Tyler was rapping about and the music he makes is the type of music I really like. Then Radical dropped and I played that everyday for the summer. Rolling Paper’s production was top notch. I didn’t go out on Halloween instead I waited for Blackendwhite to drop. That’s family though. Everyone in OF is family to me.


adeshola: If you met Cam’Ron what would you say/do?

philip: I briefly met him at a little concert he had. I was wearing the camo Cam’ron shirt I came out with. He grabbed my shirt and said “this shit hard” and walked away. His manager took a photo of it. I was stoked.


adeshola: Ideally, where do you want dertbag to be within 10 years?

philip: 10 years is such a long time away. I’m going to be 27, so hopefully keep doing what I’m doing. Selling to the stores I want to sell to, possibly have a store. Honestly, I just want to make apparel and be comfortable. I don’t want a lot of money. I just want to be happy and be surrounded by creative people. I’m grateful because that is what I’m currently doing. I just want to make striped shirts, button downs, swimtrunks, anoraks/windbreakers, and chinos. If I am able to make all of those garments and still have a career with apparel I’ll be happy.


adeshola: What place on this earth inspires you the most?

philip: Norwalk aka Gnarwalk inspires me the most. It’s like a melting pot. It has the forest, the beach, the hood. I have friends who live in mansions and friends who live in the projects. I’m surrounded by trees one moment and the water the next… I’m fortunate enough to be raised in such a diverse place.


adeshola: Do you plan on going to college?

philip: I’m trying to go to NYU for their Gallatin program; it’s the independent study program. I’d have the company as my major and just continue to progress with my work.


adeshola: Do kids treat you differently @ school ever since they found out you’re cool with the Odd Future kids?

philip: Yeah they do, some girl I’ve been friends with since Kindergarten came up to me the other day and told me that some freshmen in her study hall were asking her if she knew me and how they want to meet me and stuff. It is cool that people know who I am and stuff, but I get a little sick and tired when people only ask me about Odd Future or about my clothes. A nice “how are you doing” from time to time would be nice instead of “when’s the next drop dude”. It’s just weird because I am at the stage where I should be having friends my own age, but I have such an unorthodox life that it does not happen like that. Most of my friends are older than me… I was the new kid in 6th and 9th grade and kept to myself most of the time, and now I am this local urban legend… It’s a weird transition and I’m still getting use to it. I’m just grateful that people care what I have to produce now.


adeshola: You seemed to be the first person that I saw in the streetwear world doing tie die. What inspired you to do tie die? And how does it make you feel seeing other brands adopting the style?

philip: Local brands I grew up on were completely dying garments, not just tie dye. Then I picked up on tie dying just being around skateboarders and stuff… Other brands that do it now are just on some trend wave which sucks, but it was bound to happen.


adeshola: What’s been the most memorable moment since you started designing clothes?

philip: I have a ton of stories now which is so tight. The most memorable would have to be FNO last year. I met Pharrell at his store with Kobi, Tyler, Dom, Jasper, Clancy… Got into a mini riot outside of the BBC/Ice Cream store in SoHo. And then went to Busta Rhymes studio, and at the end of the night got some chicken nachos and caught the last train home to CT.


adeshola: HTML makes me want to do un-speakable things. How do you have such patience with it?

philip: I’m a real calm, patient person. I do not get mad easily or anything like that. I just like to teach myself new things that are interesting to me. HTML was something I was interested in, and I view how to code something differently. I learned HTML at a bad time though, because there are so many new codes that I don’t know now. It sucks, when I get some free time again I’ll pick it back up.


adeshola: Which power ranger would you have been and why?

philip: Real talk I would much rather be a ninja turtle. They fought crime and at pizza all day, that’s the life. I love pizza. When I die either get a pizza tattoo in memory of me or a cat tattoo.

adeshola: I don’t hear you mention high-fashion all that often. What are some high-fashion brands you respect?

philip: Early Raf Simmons is really tight.  That’s really it; I wear a lot of J. Crew too and Norse Projects, but that’s not really high-fashion.

Photo By: Michael Snapps Knapp

Website: derʇbag

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