Poster for Daft Punk’s Daftendirekt tour, 1997. Originally posted by CuBuLo on the Daft Club.


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Alive 07 encore gets me every damn time

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So apparently the Daft Punk robots HAVE names!
TB3 & GM08
I know the letters are the initials of their names but no idea what the numbers mean.

TB03  and GM08 are a DJ pun made by Daft Punk: TB03 is actually a name of a bass-synthesizer made by the company Roland, one of their first synthesizers that they bought for their album, Homework. Plus Thomas Bangalter was born on January 3rd. GM08 stands for General MIDI level 08, which refers to a norm and a classification by MIDI for electronic instruments in majority synthesizer. The level 08 represents a piano-keyboard called Celesta. And Guy-Manuel was born on February 8th. You can find a lot of names of synthesizers and instruments that Daft Punk like to use in many of the song titles on Homework, Discovery and Tron: Legacy: Revolution 909 (synthesizer), Voyager (Moog), and Solar Sailer (synthesizer). Source : (x) (x) (x)

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Pharrell Williams - Gust Of Wind (Feat. Daft Punk)

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