Anonymous said: Last week a friend asked me how I was doing so I told them that I've been dealing with a thyroid disorder for the last few months, when they replied back they just asked for a favor... Am I wrong to be a little hurt that they seem to not give a fuck?

Not at all.  They’re a leach.

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Anonymous said: i feel like shit because my ex and i broke up and he posted a pic with a new girl, whats the best way to get over someone?


Don’t worry about what your ex is doing

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Anonymous said: what kind of glasses do you have?


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Anonymous said: What do you say to people that say money isn't everything?

they’ve found a balance in life that doesn’t rely on a dollar amount.

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Anonymous said: what kind of people you can't vibe wit

social climbers.

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Anonymous said: Can you be friends with someone who is a totally different persona online?


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Anonymous said: Do you look up in the night sky hoping to see a spaceship?


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Anonymous said: 3 things you love : 3 things you hate :


  • photography
  • carol
  • traveling


  • liars
  • shady people
  • over crowded subway trains in the summer
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Anonymous said: What's your opinion on copycat kind of people/brands ?

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Anonymous said: don't you think American Apparel ads are sexist? not just sexual, but sexist, in how their male and female portraits differ.

they sure are.

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Anonymous said: step up your blog game dude, you are slippin; the shit (you post) is getting lame, you used to post funny shit now its all corny shit. haha that rhymed all from the top of the dome don't make me start my own blog and come for your throne. get it, come for your own; talking about the asian broad you; with let her know what she's been missing with a taster of my big dick .


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Anonymous said: i knkow 420 = blaze it, but do u know why


in psalm 4:20 jesus commands everyone to smoke the devils lettuce

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via fohk

Anonymous said: Tips on long distance relationship?

trust, v-chat, frequent visits, sexting, trust.

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janeslane said: Is your gf korean? What are some korean dishes you two enjoy : ) My BF learned to love cold spicy noodles and ddukbokki.

Yeah, she is. She actually doesn’t mKe any really. Probably because I’m such a picky eater.

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